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Morgan. 20. Sophomore in college majoring in English. Likes mustaches. Any questions?

    Anon or not, put a symbol in my ask


    ‽ - I’m too shy to talk to you

    ✩ - You inspire me

    ☼ - You make me smile

    ☏ - I wish we’d talk more

    ✌- I want to get to know you

    ☺ - I want to be your friend

    #- I want to thank you

    ✓ - I like you

    ♣ - I want to cuddle you

    ❀ - I think I’m falling for you

    * - I want to kiss you

    ♥ - I’m in love with you

    愛 - I love you

    ∞ - I want to date you

    ✤ - I would have sex with you

    © - Will you be mine?

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