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Morgan. 20. Sophomore in college majoring in English. Likes mustaches. Any questions?

    This post is coming to you in four parts.

    1. For supper my parents and I had hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.

    My dad had his hot dog on a hot dog bun with the mac&cheese on the side.

    My mom cut hers up into four sections and put it on a hamburger bun with the mac&cheese on the side.

    Me? I cut up my hot dog and mixed it in with my mac&cheese.

    I am a mature individual.

    2. Tonight at supper I was thinking about how, in movies, sometimes guys fall in love with chicks who are dressed up as guys. And you just kind of have to feel sorry for them because, in the end, they’re probably questioning their sexuality over this one chick, which is incredibly awesome ‘cause he loves her that much, but for him it’s got to be a terrifying experience. Like, the whole time he’s just like "I like him so much…wait, do I like him…? Have I been mistaken about the kinds of people I like my whole life? IS MY WHOLE LIFE A LIE?!" Okay, probably not that dramatic, but you get my point. And of course I always feel bad for them and I just want to give them a hug and tell them that it will be alright.

    3. Tonight I rented four movies. House Bunny; Crazy, Stupid, Love; I am Number Four; and Atlantis: The Lost Empire. I’m trying to decide which one to watch tonight. Any suggestions? And if you don’t suggest quick enough, I’m probably just going to watch House Bunny, so move quickly!

    4….Did you all get that Nerdfighters reference I made in the title there? 

    — 2 years ago
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