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Morgan. 20. Sophomore in college majoring in English. Likes mustaches. Any questions?


    Hey, come’re. Come’re did you know it’s time for a..

    Oh gosh it is SUPER TRUE. For the first time ever we have made official Baman Piderman merchandise. The bad news. Almost every, single, solitary piece of it sold out at our first convention. Booourns. BUT WAIT. There is a silver lining little friend, that being I SAVED A PIECE OF EACH JUST FOR YOU TUMBLR BECAUSE TUMBLR IS GREAT!
    “What is in this pack”, you ask me incredulously as you add a comment to the latest Baman Piderman video on youtube asking for moar Dick Figures and Happy Tree Friends. Oho. Ohoho my precious little one, I WILL TELL YOU.
    • One official, ladies cut Baman Piderman tee shirt. This shirt is seriously red and seriously fashionable. Wearing it makes you at least 17% more likely to find true love.
    • A set of five Baman Piderman buttons. Frighten your friends and frenemies with the pizza portal, jeeze!!
    • A signed drawing on real honest to goodness paper. Sell it on ebay maybe and then donate the money to your local library?
    Okay. Okay okay now you are excited maybe; How do you win this stuff?? Whoa friend calm down. Shhh shhh, it’s okay.  I have all the answers you seek. Come sit on my knee and let me spin you a yarn about the BAMAN PIDERMAN GIVEAWAY RULES:
    • Just Reblog this Post!
    • Likes don’t count, neither do multiple reblogs, OOPS.
    • The winner will be drawn randomly on the 30th!

    Also I will kiss the envelope before sending it off to the winner. Just kidding! OR AM I. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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      I clicka da like anyway. Squeeeeeee! EDIT: Is this an old post? Now I’m confused… Must not eat cereal. SAD EDIT: It is...
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      If I get this I’m sharing with Sonora
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      IS THIS FOR REAL? You watch Baman Piderman too??? UM. SO. Let’s get this straight: Your music is awesome, your books are...
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